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Akiyama MCE2 mixer
Akiyama MCE2 mixer
Akiyama MCE2 mixer
Akiyama MCE2 mixer
Akiyama MCE2 mixer
  Akiyama MCE2 mixer

Professional mixer 2 channel plus microphone channel. Output Master and booth RCA with balance. Reverse and Boost functions. Fader and Crossfader replaceable for the user.


MC-E mixers are specially designed for club and Homedj. They are heirs to the popular MC-X, equipping the same components and offering sound quality and robustness equivalent.

The new channel selection system allows the use of 3 turntables at the same time in the MC-E3 and 4 turntables at the MC-E4. Equipped with new Akiyama ergonomic buttons for better tone control. All MC-E Series has TRS balanced outputs " to eliminate noise picked up by wires connecting the mixer and power amp.

New times requirement. Recently we released MC-E3USB and MC-E4USB with two USB ports to connect the mixer to any Mac or PC USB port (1.1 or higher) allowing the DJ to record your session in any software format or add computerized bases or audio systems, MP3, WAV, WAM ?. to your mix.

2 stereo channels (2 Phono, 2 CD and 2 Line). Mic channel (Canon y Jack)

Outputs: 1xJack Balanced Master and 1xRCA, Booth (1xRCA) and REC

High, Mid and Low tone controls each channel (-26dB a +12dB)

Led level each channel (10 LED bar)

Master/PFL level (210 LEDs bar)

Master Stereo/Mono

Master Left/Right Balance

Headphones: Stereo/Split with Balance PFL/CUE control

60mm ALPHA faders

User detachable twin steel rail faders and crossfader

All channels assignable to Crossfader (L, R or Bypass)

Crossfader Reverse


Power supply 18V

Black colour

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