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Access to and use of the AKIYAMA website are subject to and governed by these General Terms. Accordingly, access to and use of AKIYAMA website imply full and unreserved acceptance of these “General Terms” along with all applicable legislative provisions, and users should therefore read these Terms carefully.

The website pages and content may contain errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and if they do, we at Walkasse would be grateful if you would report the matter to us as soon as possible so that we can make the pertinent changes.

General terms

1. In its website, AKIYAMA offers information on the kind of activity it pursues and on the products and services it markets.

2. AKIYAMA reserves the right to change, update or cancel at any time access to the website and the General Terms, without prior notice. These changes and updates affect users in that they should visit this section to verify the General Terms in force.

3. The photographs, texts, designs, identifying marks, images, animated sequences with or without sound, videos, and all the works featured in the website are the property of AKIYAMA or of third parties who have authorised AKIYAMA to use them.

4. AKIYAMA authorises you to download the content and to copy or print any section of this website, though solely for personal use and excluding any utilization for advertising and/or commercial purposes, along with any other uses not included among those authorised under articles 31 to 40bis of the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Law (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996), provided that such use does not infringe the copyright or any other property right of AKIYAMA, or change, modify or remove any information, content or warnings. Copying information is not to be construed as authorisation to transfer AKIYAMA's property rights to you or any other person.

5. Under no circumstances may users modify or remove any identifying data present concerning the rights of AKIYAMA or third parties over the contents. Users may only access the contents through the means and procedures made available to them for the purpose in the website, or the means and procedures habitually employed on the Internet for that purpose, provided that such use does not entail infringement of the Intellectual Property rights to the AKIYAMA website or detriment of any kind to it and/or to the information and the services it offers.

6. Users undertake to use the information and services of the AKIYAMA website in accordance with the law, these General Terms, moral principles, generally accepted standards of behaviour and law and order; users likewise undertake to make proper and lawful use of the services and contents.

7. AKIYAMA accepts no liability of any kind for information contained in the websites of third parties that users may access through links. The presence of links on AKIYAMA's website is intended solely for information purposes. If you decide to visit a site by means of a link, you do so at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to take protective measures against viruses and other detrimental elements.

8. All comments, information, suggestions and/or ideas received through this website shall be regarded as having been assigned at no charge to AKIYAMA. You are thus asked not to send in information that is not to be treated in this way.

The legislation applying and jurisdiction

These General Terms are governed by Spanish legislation, and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

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